Of the main 3 floor joist types available, traditional solid timber, I-beams or metal web joists. Trusstec believes that metal web joists offer the most advantages to you the builder, and have seen demand grow steadily over the years.

At Trusstec, we provide Space-joist® metal web floor joists engineered and manufactured to precise dimensions which can be installed quickly on site. The open web construction is ideal for accommodating services and makes for simpler installation of cabling, pipework, soil pipes and ductwork reducing labour costs.

The combination of kiln dried timber and the metal web system greatly reduces overall shrinkage compared with solid timber or I-Joist resulting in reduced cracking and problems with dropped shower trays and finishes. Space-joists have been tested and certificated for both fire resistance and sound transfer.

As a professional you are expected to be an expert in every aspect of construction.

Trusstec have years of experience in roof trusses and easi-joists and can help ensure you provide that professional result to your customer.

Trusstec pride themselves on their site erection drawings supplied with every roof or floor which ensure accurate and efficient erection on site. Trusstec offer a chargeable site measure service, especially useful for extensions where a new roof must match seamlessly with the existing.

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