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TrussTec provides merchants with a valuable product sector that’s easy to manage, with minimal time or overheads.  All we need is a contractor contact, drawings for engineers or architects and a contact at the branch dealing with the sale. We will talk to the customer on your behalf and quote with your agreed deal built in. We’ll even take care of the scheduling of deliveries and any on site issues.

We are an NMBS approved supplier, so if you’re an NMBS member we can set up an account for you right away.


Roof Trusses

  • More economic solutions than traditional roofing methods
  • Freedom of design, usually requiring only external walls to be load bearing
  • Erection procedure is straightforward, requiring minimum skilled labour
  • On site waste and pilferage are minimized
  • Scheduled deliveries suit construction schedules and reduce handling and storage costs

Space-Joist metal web joists

  • Open web engineered floor joists
  • Manufactured to size, offering quick & simple installation and less wastage
  • Open web design is ideal for services like cabling and pipework
  • Longer spans are achievable than traditional solid joists
  • Kiln dried timber combined with metal web system reduces shrinkage

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